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TNA workshop, at Zwolle (The Netherlands), 11-12 October, 2011

Presentations at the workshop:

  1. Time-Resolved Wake Measurements of Separated Wing Flow and Wall Interference Investigations
    G. Carrier of Onera (DAAP), France
  2. Reynolds number influence on delta wing vortex flows
    Prof. Breitsamter of Uni-Munich, Germany
  3. Investigation of the small scale turbulence statistics in the Modane S1 Windtunnel
    Prof. Peinke of Uni Oldenburg, Germany
  4. Experimental Investigation of the acoustic Field of a realistic Wing Section with Slats and Flaps in high lift Configuration
    Dr. R. Abstiens of RWTH, Germany
  5. Wind Tunnel Measurements for Wind Energy Applications
    G. Schepers of ECN, NL
  6. High Reynolds Number Wind Tunnel Tests for active Flow Control with Plasma Actuators
    Dr. L. Veldhuis of Uni-Delft, NL

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